Jungle News


Jungle News

I will try to add a blurb, and perhaps a photo after every trip to Campanario as to what is happening in the area.  This will build as we go, please give us time.  For weekly news in Costa Rica connect to the Tico Times:



29/May:  Well folks, it’s raining! Fortunately, there was enough sunshine to enjoy the hikes with Bunker Hill Community College. We managed a hermit crab count using the Lincoln Index, and have estimated the population to be about 4,000 on our little beaches. The tapir was around eating the mangos that are falling off the trees daily.  And it appears that all the female gymnonotus bats are lactating – must be quite a population of babies inside that cave.

6/April:  As our student group was heading out to the bonfire - what should show up, but the tapir, practically running smack into one of the students, scared the socks off him!  We all grabbed our cameras and followed her.  She was extraordinarly calm and patient with us while we were all snapping pictures.

8/March:  For the first time ever, I saw jet skis zooming around Campanario’s little cove accompanied by a sporty speed boat.  We’re looking into the policies about these noisy things with the Ministry of the Environment.

January:  While the electricity has not been connected yet to individual houses, there is a good deal of new construction along the road to Los Planes. 


December:  Returning to Campanario immediately after Christmas, I saw tall posts for power lines, transformers, and electrical cables coming from Los Planes to the Rincon de San Josecito beach (where the school is located).  Nothing is connected yet, but will be soon enough.  This “progress” will change dramatically the life along the beach and on the way to Los Planes.

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