Biodiversity conservation

1 IMG 7442The Campanario Biological Station is proud to support many diverse habitats, both terrestrial and marine.
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Studies and Research

2 DSCN4314Campanario offers a multitude of learning experiences, and by their very nature, a hidden curriculum.
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Communty Service

3 IMG 6355Campanario’s connections to local, national, and global communities are extensive and keep us and our students busy.
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Rainforest Living

4 IMG 4765We see ourselves as visitors to this rain forest and keep our impact as small as possible.
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Cultural Conservation

5 DSCN8083Expanding “conservation” in general, Campanario designs programs to support cultural traditions in Costa Rica.
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The Campanario Biological Station lies in the Pacific lowland tropical rain forest of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica and stretches nearly 170 acres inland from the sea. It is proud to be home to a wide array of rare and endangered flora and fauna. Campanario offers Neotropical Ecology courses throughout the year for individuals, family groups and students of all ages.

A visit to Campanario's tropical rain forest is not for everyone! Campanario is a remote reserve. Access is by boat, transportation around the reserve is by foot, and climate control is a nice breeze. There are no TVs, telephones, or daily maid service for your jungle accommodations.

Fast food at Campanario means grabbing a ripe fruit or fishing off the rocky point. Traffic delays mean waiting for the high tide or calm seas. What you will have are warm weather, warm rain, and warm surf on a secluded tropical beach, but cool waterfalls, cool showers, and cool nights. You will hike in a lush tropical rain forest, take walks for bird watching of exotic species, watch schools of brilliantly colored fish, and enjoy spectacular sunsets.

An educational program at Campanario, far from "civilization",
will change your manner of thinking...

...You just might want to stay!